Study Counselors

According to article 50 of the Presidential Decree 160 / 3-11-2008 "Standard General Internal Regulations for the Operation of Universities", "Study Counselors ", the assembly of the department unanimously appointed as Study Counselors for the academic year 2022-2023 the following faculty members of the IT department:

1. Avgoustos Tsinakos, Professor

2. Dimitrios Karabatzakis, Assistant Professor

The Study Counselor takes care to inform the students about every issue that is related to their studies, and especially the organization and operation of the general and individual Curriculum. In particular, the Study Counselor informs, discusses and advises students about:

· The structure of the curriculum and the content of the courses so that they are aware of issues such as prerequisite courses, the required knowledge to attend specific courses,

· Attending tutoring classes, participating in tutorials, workshops and mid-term exams, with the aim of better understanding and successful completion of the courses,

· The content of elective courses with the aim to choose the courses that are closest to the student's personal and academic interests,

· Exam results,

· The continuation of their studies at postgraduate level, both in Greece and abroad,

· Career prospects and their connection with the labor market during their studies (internship), as well as after their completion,

· Any other issue that the student raises and is related to or affects his / her studies.

Students can be informed before the registration process as well as throughout the academic year.

The Studies Counselors cooperate with the services of the university and act as a link between students and the services of the Institution with the aim of better organization and successful completion of students' studies.

Contact details of the Study Counselors are available at the link: People >> Faculty Μembers.