Guide for New Students

We welcome our new students to the Department of Informatics, of the School of Sciences, DUTH. This guide tries to give you all the necessary information and tips, answering some of your key questions.


How do I get the Academic ID and PASO?

To obtain an Academic Identity, which also includes the Student Ticket Card (PASO), each student must submit an electronic application. The application can be submitted throughout the academic year.

Every student, in order to submit the electronic application for a special ticket (PASO) must have an account to access the telematics services of the International University of Greece. He/she receives this account upon enrollment in the first year of his/her studies.


How will I receive the Academic Identity - PASO?

After submitting the electronic application, the student can receive the Academic Identity - PASO from a specific distribution point, which he/she will have chosen when he/she makes his/her application. The receipt is possible only if the respective application has been approved by the Department Secretariat and after first being notified by SMS or email from his/her individual account in the university information system. The Academic Identity - PASO is strictly personal only for the eligible student.


When should I register for my courses?

For new students, the registration for the first semester is made by the Department Secretariat.


When should I declare my books?

Students enter the textbook registration site "Eudoxus" to select the textbooks for the courses of the first semester of the current academic year.

An announcement will be published on the website of the Department by the Secretariat for the period of time that you will be able to choose the books.

If you have problems with the book registration process, you should contact the EYDOXUS User Assistance Office ( )


Feeding - Accommodation?

Information about feeding and accommodation (in Greek) can be found at the following link:


Are there any student mobility programs I can attend?

The Department of Informatics actively participates in the Erasmus Program. Under this Erasmus Office, student mobility (for one-semester studies or internships) takes place at EU universities or companies.

Head of the Department of International and Public Relations (through which the Erasmus program operates) is Mr Nikos Kiourtis (tel. 2510462290), as well as Ms Faye Georgiadou (tel. 2510462221) and Ms Anna Maditianou (tel. 2510462308). The Erasmus Office is located in the building of the University Library (University Campus of Kavala). More information can be found on the Erasmus page and of course at the Erasmus Office itself.

The responsible Erasmus Professor of the Department of Informatics is Professor Avgoustos Tsinakos.


How can I temporarily suspend my studies?

Students have the right to suspend their studies with a written application at the Secretariat of the Department for as many semesters as they wish, consecutively or not and not more than the minimum number of semesters required to obtain a degree according to the indicative study program. These semesters are not counted in the above maximum duration of the studies. Students who interrupt their studies in accordance with the above do not have the status of students throughout the studies interruption period. After the end of the study break, the students return to the Department.

 Attention, students must apply for study suspension at the beginning of the semesters